Welcome to True North Solar, Townsville's Solar experts.

True North Solar is a full service solar installation company. We take care of you and your solar requirements from the initial enquiry, design, installation, after sales service and support. We are local and employ all our own designers, installers and solar electricians, so we always have someone on hand to provide advice and support whenever you need it.

We believe in providing the best quality products that will provide superior results over 25 to 35 years of serviceable life. This is a long time, most cars will last 10-15 years. By ensuring you are investing in quality solar panels from a trusted local supplier, you will be guaranteed of having your solar system paid off, have fewer problems, less stress and avoid the unwanted embarrassment that we see from locals coming to us who have fallen for the traps that the solar marketing companies use.

At True north Solar we exclusively use LG solar products. With the solar industry being plagued with problems from the importation of cheap and nasty solar products with dubious warranties we have made a business and moral decision of only to supply solar panels that have implemented testing procedures that demonstrate a 25 – 35 year working life. LG is the leader when it comes to quality and performance. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that the solar panels they install on Australian homes are the strongest, safest and the most reliable panels in the world.

We know we won’t win everyones business, but before you commit to anything, make sure you come and talk to True North Solar and get the facts.

Free Power from the Sun with a grid connect solar system - Save money on electricity... and the environment

  • Power prices up 20% 2013, 20% 2013, 13.6% 2014
  • An investment that actually appreciates value over time!
  • Want to run your pool and electric hot water system for free - we’ll show you how!

With the many choices of solar systems out there in the market, it can be very confusing.

There can be so many uncertainties. Every solar company seems to have the best solar panel and the best inverter. How can you know that the solar system you are getting will do what they say.

  • What if it doesn’t save me what I was expecting?
  • What if it doesn’t save me anything?

At True North Solar we take all the risk and uncertainty out of this decision.

What is the offer?

If you can find any QLD company that can offer this same guarantee at a better price then you would be crazy not to use them. Further to this, if they are offering this same guarantee at a better price sign up with them TODAY!

Do not leave it to chance, reduce your risk and order your solar system from True North Solar.