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Solar Repairs & Maintenance

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If your solar system is more than 5 years old, then you need to book an inspection.

Over the last 10 years the solar industry has had numerous issues of faulty panels, dodgy Inverters and leaking isolators that have not only resulted in reduced output but introduced severe safety issues.

Burnt out rooftop Isolator most likely caused by ingress of water or loose connection.

Faulty or loose wiring causing hot joint and spreads to solar panels.

Water leaking into isolator box causes hot joints.

Solar panels hot spot cause excessive heat and burn outs.

Things we do
  • Faulty Inverter replacements
  • Inverter warranty processing
  • Inverter upgrades
  • Solar panels replacements
  • Solar panel upgrades
  • Solar panel warranty processing
  • Solar system replacements
  • Rooftop Isolator replacements
  • Performance audits
  • Safety inspections
  • Thermal Drone Solar Inspections
  • Bird Proofing solar panels
  • Solar Panel cleaning

Your first point of call should be to the person or company who installed your solar system, if they are not around or are unable to provide you with a suitable solution, then True North Solar can help.

A lot of these issues have forced many solar companies to close their doors, leaving home owners with no one to turn to in getting these issues resolved.

At True North Solar we have many thousands of solar systems installed in Townsville and throughout North Qld . We continue to look after these customers and provide warranty and maintenance solutions. If you can’t track down who installed your solar system and are having issues, call True North Solar, we can help you.

Try to keep an eye on your inverter to ensure its output is as expected. Once a week or once a month is fine. Although the output varies throughout the year and weather conditions you should expect 4kwh per kw installed. Meaning if you have 5kw of solar panels capacity (20 x 250W) then you would expect 20kwh per day. If you are continually falling below this, then you could have an issue.

Here are some things you can do yourself
  1.  Look to see if your inverter is working. Can you see a solid green light. Ensure the ‘Solar Main switch’ is in the on position.
  2. Does the Inverter have any alarms. These alarms may appear intermittently on the screen of your inverter.
  3. Are there any strange sounds coming from your inverter. Sometimes a faulty inverter can make some ticking noise.
  4.  Do you have any shading issues, trees and shrubs can grow quickly and introduce shade onto the panels, this will severely limit the output
  5. We don’t recommend cleaning panels yourself, there have been a number of electrocutions resulting from homeowners cleaning panels and then falling of the roof- get a licensed professional to do it. Never use high pressure! This can damage the panels.
What else we do
  1. Thermal Drone Solar Inspections- we can see what the eyes can't
  2. Bird Proofing of your solar panels
  3. Solar panel cleaning
  4. Check all the cabling and ensure that the wiring is up off the roof.
  5. Inspect your solar panels for hot spots, water ingress and brown outs.
  6. Ensure isolation switches all function properly.
  7. Confirm solar panels are generating power as they should be.
  8. Check that the inverter is functioning as it should
  9. Ensure panel and rail integrity.
  10. We will check that all the earths are properly in place and safe.
  11. We can follow up on any warranties they may be available
  12. Quote to replace solar panels, inverters, and isolation switches
Call the Solar Doctor today for your full health check.

The Solar Doctor can check your investment is safe and is generating what it should be. By analysing your solar system and checking its safety and performance can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over its life. Call the Solar Doctor today to help you get the most out of your solar system.

Full money back Guarantee - If we are not able to identify the problem or fix the problem, increase the performance or make the system safer then when we first arrived, you get your money back. Nothing to lose.

Call the Solar Doctor today on 4779 7798 to book in your solar health check.

Burnt out rooftop Isolator most likely caused by ingress of water or loose connection.

Loose connection cause burning.

Faulty cables – cracking of insulation causing faulty.

Delaminating of solar panels.