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What Solar System Size Do I Need?

We will help design the idea system for your current needs and in most cases build in room for system expansion. You want to have the right size system for today, but allow for increased power production at a later stage that can be used for battery storage, see Solar Hybrid.

Our trained solar consultant will visit your home and make a site assessment, during which he will:

  • Check your roof for suitability
  • Check the angle and aspect of your roof in relation to the sun’s arc
  • Check your main switch board for suitability
  • Discuss options for the system output, using a recent Ergon account
  • Discuss options available for inclusion of solar panels and electricity inverters
  • Agree location of inverter and panel configuration
  • Identify areas to improve your tariff structure
  • Talk to you about adopting good solar habits – common sense power usage with solar
  • Prepare an application for Ergon approval
  • Leave you with a design recommendation and a firm quote for the agreed system design

We will need about an hour of your time. Please feel free to make a list of questions you may have before we arrive. Please ensure you have a recent Ergon account handy.