When you are looking to invest in solar power generation by roof top mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, you can always buy more cheaply than by investing in class-leading solar panels and world-class electricity inverters. That’s why at True North Solar, we absolutely avoid substandard, third rate products; we elect not to install inferior, second-class, cheap and nasty components.

Everything we do, from the galvanized brackets that hold the cables in place, to the state of art Swiss-made inverters is designed to provide trouble free, high output and consistent power generation for years to come.

This belief is at the heart of what we do at True North Solar. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it.

  • We employ only our own qualified electricians and Clean Energy Council accredited Solar Technicians
  • We only use industry leading solar panels from LG Electronics, because they are simply vastly better built, perform better and are backed by one of the leading consumer electronic companies in the world. Our LG solar panels are warranted by LG Electronics Australia and they are tested to four times the IEC standard
  • We only use the outstanding Swiss engineered SolarMax inverters, because they are super high efficient, engineered by passionate Swiss engineers and lead the world in terms of quality and innovation
  • We only use locally recognised componentry from international leaders in electronic products such as Clipsal and Hagar

We do this because we know that investing in the best available products, will lead to a better result for you the customer, we know the uptime will be significantly higher, we know that you will get more consistent results and we know that once installed, the chances of a warranty claim is minimal, which is good for you and us.

The whole team, all 20 of us, are based in North Queensland (from Townsville to Cairns). We know the weather conditions, we know what works best up here and we know you can trust us to do the right thing for you, today and tomorrow, should something go wrong.

That is why; we passionately believe that by investing a little more today in the right system, using the best available products, you will get superior performance for years to come.

Pop in to see us at our workshop in Garbutt, Townsville or give us a call and find out why it need not cost a fortune to invest in a world-class solar system, installed by my local team of professionals that will be here for the long-haul to service and support your investment.

I’m Kash Partridge, Managing Director of True North Solar and KDP Electrical. I give you my word, that we will always do the right thing by you and that whatever system you select from us, you will be getting the very best quality at a highly competitive price.

Give us a call on 4779 7798 or complete the form below for a free property inspection and system design. You won’t be sorry; you have my word on it.