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Townsville Hybrid Solar

By adding batteries to your new, or existing Solar System, you can store excess power produced during the day to use at night.

That excess energy, rather than going back to your energy provider at a low feed in tariff (credit to you) of say 6 cents, is then stored in the batteries until the sun goes down and the solar system stops functioning. At this point the batteries start to discharge back through the investor to create a usable power supply to your home.

You can also have the added benefit of Backup Power. If the Grid loses power or there is a blackout, you will be able to keep the lights on and fridge cold.

The effect is to shift unused power into storage and then have it available in the evening when you need it. We call this Peak Shifting.

Peak shifting is the term given to the ability to store excess energy produced by your solar energy system that currently goes back to Ergon at around 6 cents a kilowatt. By storing that unused power in batteries during the day, you can release that energy overnight, when you would otherwise have no option but to buy it from Ergon at 29 cents per kilowatt. The saving between the two can amount to significant savings each year.