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What’s the Best Battery?

Home Lithium Battery Storage  

There is a lot of interest in the industry and from consumers about the Tesla battery or Tesla Powerwall. Like all battery technologies, there are pluses and minuses. 

The Telsa Battery is a Lithium based technology and it has its own built in Inverter, so this allows it to be installed in basically any situation without any regard to what existing equipment is in place. This makes the Tesla Powerwall a great option for existing solar sites.

BYD has an installer friendly modular stacking system that allows the end user to install just a few batteries and then add to it at a later stage. The BYD battery is a lithium based technology and is classed as a High voltage DC, so is very efficient, cost effective and easily expandable.

BYD has formed a great partnership with the world leading inverter manufacturer Fronius. This Austrian based company is the leader in inverter technology and the revolutionary Gen24 Hybrid inverter which is used to provide all the charging requirements. With Fronius you also get a state of the art cloud based monitoring platform, this enables full visibility of the battery storage system from anywhere in the world.

The Fronius Gen 24 Hybrid inverter comes in a variety of sizes and also comes in either single phase or 3 phase. This makes the combination of the BYD battery and Fronius a perfect match for new or replacement installations.

Sungrow also has a stackable lithium battery module similar to the BYD. All the charging and power output is provided by the Sungrow Hybrid inverter, with single phase and three phase options, it is very versatile. Sungrow is one of the worlds largest inverter manufacturers and of exceptionally high quality Chinese manufacturers. 

LG Chem is the largest lithium battery manufacturer in the world. They supply their lithium batteries to the majority of EV car manufacturers throughout the world. The home RESU solution has an extremely small foot print and comes in a variety of sizes. Being a 48V DC battery there are a number of Hybrid  Inverters that can charge the battery.