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We at True North Solar DO NOT recommend that our clients wash their solar panels unless they have serious debris, like bat droppings or some other heavy dirt on them.

Why? Well because for the extremely limited benefit you will achieve by washing them, you put yourself at serious risk from electric shock or simply from falling off your ladder or roof. Would you hose down your television? Hardly, so please don’t take the same risk with your solar panels.

What we do recommend however is that you have your entire system checked every 12 to 18 months by a qualified electrician from The Solar Doctor.

  1. We will check all the cabling and ensure that the wiring us up off the roof.
  2. We will check your solar panels for heat spots and brown outs, which can cause a fire risk.
  3. We will check the isolation switches all function properly.
  4. We will check the solar panels are generating power as they should be.
  5. We will check that the inverter is functioning as it should
  6. We will check the output with the export reading in the meter box.
  7. We will check that all the earths are properly in place and safe.
  8. We can follow up on any warranties they may be available
  9. We can quote to replace solar panels
  10. We can get your solar system back to new again

Call The Solar Doctor today to arrange to give your system a full health check.

For only $199, we will send you The Solar Doctor to check your investment is safe and is generating what it should be. This ten point check could well save you thousands if your system is not maintained by the professionals who want to help you get the most out of your solar system.

Full money back Guarantee - If we are not able to fix the problem, increase the performance or make the system safer then when we first arrived, you get your money back. Nothing to lose.

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