True North Solar, Townsville

Case Study

Alan and Sharon Family photoAlan and Sharon live in their four bedroom house in Annandale with their two young children. Alan works full time in the mines and Sharon is a stay at home mum, and she plans to run a small business from home in the future.

Prior to installing solar power generation, their bills average around $675 a quarter for three quarters and $950 over the summer quarter. Their Ergon cost was around $3,000 a year.

We worked with Alan and Sharon to design a system that would make a significant reduction in their power bills today and into the future, but we also made sure that the system can be expanded at a later stage. There might be a pool, more kids or that business might take off – you just never know.

After consultation, our clients invested in a 3.85kW solar system using 14 of our outstanding quality Korean-made LG 275w solar panels and versatile SolaX X1 series inverter to generate around 16 to 18 kW of electricity on average per day.

The system cost just under $7,000 fully installed and commissioned using the east and west sides of their roof. In the first year, they saved over $1,800. In around three and a half years the system will have saved them more than the cost of the installation and they will enjoy ever increasing return on their investment. Sharon, said “ thank Goodness we finally installed solar as now I don’t feel bad about putting the aircon on for the kids afternoon nap” Alan was equally please with a saving each quarter of over 50% of his old Ergon bills “ The system just does what it does, it makes electricity, which we now don’t have to buy from Ergon, I’m very happy with the service and the performance from our True North Solar system – thanks guys!”